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How to link to list parameters in and ArctoolBox?

Question asked by akifsaid on Jul 2, 2015
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Among other parameters in an ArcToolBox i developed, two string parameters. each one is filtred by a Value List.

lets say the first list is related to five Canada regions: ATL, PNR, PYR, QC and ON. each of those regions is composed of proinces and territories: ATL = NB, NL, NS, PE; ON=ON, QC=QC; PNR = AB, MB, NT, NU, SK and PYR=BC, YT. the Regions parameters is regions=arcpy.GetParameterAsText(4) and the provinces/terretories parameter is  ProvTerri = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(5).

Now what I want is to automatically populate ProvTerri when I select one of the regions. I wrote the following code in validation, but it did not work:


def updateParameters(self):

   if (self.params[4].value and not self.params[5].hasbeenvalidated):

      if self.params[4].value=["PNR"]:

         self.params[5].filter.list = ["AB","MB","NT","NU","SK"]

      if .....

      if not self.params[4].value:



I also try to figure out the problem assuming that the problem come from the assessmenet of self.params[4].value. since it is a liste, I put after the first if:



  if names1 = "PNR":



Thanks for your help