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Sync asks you to "Enter valid credentials for map layer.."

Question asked by gymjs1 on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by Weng.Ng

Hi, we are trying to sync data to our ArcGIS online organisational accounts, using Collector 10.3 on iOS 8.3, but get a message saying


"Username or password invalid. Enter valid credentials for map layer <layer_name>" then prompting for a username and password.


This offline map has 4 layers, only one is editable with data that needs syncing. We put in the correct user details associated with the offline map for that device but continually get prompted for each layer (it appears to be prompting for only the non editable layers so far) it goes on and on like this and never syncs so you have to cancel the sync.


The iPads have been away with students for over a week in the field using offline maps, now returned today for syncing. The data layer is a simple point layer with several text and number fields plus quite a few attachments (photos). I did a simple test afterwards with a single feature with 1 photo attachment and get the same message, frustratingly we are sure we tested offline data collection with these maps and subsequent syncing as we've had sync issues before when we tried to use Collector in the field.


I've attached a screenshot of the message.


Anyone one come across this one?




Loughborough University