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Using Sqlite/Spatialite with ArcObjects and C#

Question asked by sapaplanus on Jun 27, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2015 by MWolberg

I was wondering if there are any samples for interacting with SQLite/spatialite with c#.   I understand how to use the filegdbworkspacefactory that allows me to specify a file to create a workspace, and then from there I can get to the feature classes.  I do not see any workspace factories that seem to support SQLite and Spatialite.  In this case, I need to manipulate several feature classes and geoprocessing functions.  I know how to create the database both in c# code and arcpy createsqlitedatabase.  But no such luck on accessing the feature classes. In the past, it was simple with the workspace factories, but I need to know how to do it with the SQLite database engine.   Any help or suggestions or links to a code snippet would be appreciated.


Steve Paplanus