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Building ArcGIS JS API v3.13

Question asked by dario.poggiali on Jun 26, 2015



We are implementing a large GIS web application and we currently use ArcGIS JS API v3.9.


In order to build and package our scripts, we locally installed the complete sources found in the ZIP file downloaded from SDK Downloads | ArcGIS for Developers. This includes the following packages: esri, dojo (dijit, dojo, dojox), dgrid, put-selector and xstyle.


To build our application, we created the files package.json and app.profile.js describing the correct dependencies, packages and layers. We then use the script build.bat shipped with the official release of Dojo as explained at Creating Builds - Dojo Toolkit Tutorial .


Until version 3.9 everything worked fine and we were able to build our application. Some days ago we switched to version 3.13 and the build process stopped working: the builder throws various exceptions, like "Illegal character exception" in some ESRI JS files, package.js files are missing for dgrid, put-selector and x-style, and even an Out Of Memory exception. Of course, we adapted our package.json, app.profile.js and build.bat to reflect the new versions and folder structure.


The only way we found to make the build working again was to replace all the packages shipped with version 3.13 (dgrid, dijit, dojo, dojox, put-selector, xstyle) with their official releases and to run Dojo build scripts using Node.JS instead of Java. However, this solution is completely not-documented and erases some changes of ESRI (for example in the dojo.js file).


  • Does anyone have the same problem?
  • Is there a documented and valid solution that does not erases ESRI changes to the Dojo packages?
  • Why the packages dgrid, dijit, dojo, dojox, put-selector and xstyle shipped with the ArcGSI JS API are not valid with respect to the Dojo build system?


Thank you in advance!