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Section 508 Compliance with the JavaScript API?

Question asked by crombezk on Jun 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2017 by khutchins-esristaff

We have several web mapping applications built with the ESRI JavaScript API that are now required to be WCAG 2.0 AA / Section 508 compliant.


There are several issues I am running into.


1 - How do I bring focus to the map with the tab key?


I have tried this...



<div id="mapDiv" tabindex="0" onkeyup="document.getElementById('mapDiv_container').focus()"></div>




This solution will (sort of) work after pressing enter and the down arrow several times...

However, this only works when the mouse is hovering over the map.

This seems silly, because it really defeats the purpose of keyboard navigation.


2 - How can I make the keyboard navigation work when the mouse is not hovering over the map?

3 - How can I set focus to the zoom slider buttons?


4 - How can I add alt tags to the images that are rendered for the map layers?

5 - How can I add widget roles to the map container, graphics layers, and the zoom slider buttons?


I am using the AInspector add on for firefox to test my site.

These are all issues that are coming up on the most simplest map you can make with the JavaScript API.

More complex maps have additional issues, but I am interested if anyone knows how to handle these basic issues that every map has.


Any help would be most appreciated.