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Javascript Search Widget - Search Multiple Fields

Question asked by cleotokos on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on May 25, 2016 by erocha_tecgeo

According to ESRI documentation, you should be able to add an array of fields for the widget to search on.


So this should work:

searchFields: ["LOT_NO", "CITY", "OWNER"]


But it does not. Am I making an error in syntax? It seems to only allow one field.


I want virtually every layer in my map to be searchable, but if I have to push a new source for every searchable field in every layer, the drop-down is going to become cumbersome - it already has with only a few layers (one category for Lots - Lot Number, one for Lots - City, Lots - Owner, etc.). I probably have around 30-40 layers in my map from various services. Not to mention it seems like a lot of unnecessary code...