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Error exporting data til filegdb format

Question asked by HavardMoe on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2015 by HavardMoe

I'm having some issues with some feature services we've defined in AGOL for summer help students to do various registrations. I've looked into backups, and while the ArcREST seems to be able to help we're (for the moment) stuck in 10.1 so that's not an option.


I've tested use of export to file geodatabase, and this is where I run into issues:


On one of the services I keep getting an error on FGDB export (Error exporting data til filegdb format), while other exports (csv, shape, gjson) work. It worked a few days ago, but not today   I should mention that while testing today the service is being edited on.


For the other service the export seems to be be working ok - these are not in use as of now.


Are there any known limitations to the export that could explain this behaviour?