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Map Export Issue: Data Frame with Colorless Background Exports with a Color Background

Question asked by Kizenga on Jun 18, 2015
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My ArcMap (10.3) session layout includes two data frames.


One data frame approximates Earth as a globe and is 3.6166-inches by 3.64-inches. It includes three geodatabase features: a layer of the world's countries, a layer of Uganda overlayed on the former, and a layer of the world's oceans, dissolved to have only one feature. The ocean layer features a circular gradient fill symbol with the following settings: Intervals: 100, Percentage: 100, and Angle: 90. The data frame settings for border, background, and drop shadow are in their default.


The other data frame fits across the entire map area and sits below the "globe" data frame.


The problem is that exported versions of the map include a sort of teal color in the background of the "globe" data frame (see attached image, "Uganda_Vertical_Perspective_w_FC") when that portion of the data frame should be empty and simply show the portions of the other data frame that sit behind it. This result holds true regardless of exported map format - jpg, png, pdf, etc.


I tried a few potential fixes: I changed the background of the "globe" data frame to white and exported as a PNG, noting that the transparent color should also be white - that came to the same result, a teal background. I also tried changing the background color of the data frame from "none" to "hollow". This made no difference. I am out of ideas.


Attached are (1) a PNG of the map that shows the strange, teal color that shows up in the background of the "globe" data frame and (2) a screenshot of the ArcMap session.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if additional information would help.


Thank you.