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Sharing Web AppBuilder apps with multiple users

Question asked by jestanford on Jun 10, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by j.eyreesri-ch-esridist


Is there a way to make a Web AppBuilder app available to multiple users in the organization?


We are trying to replicate a workflow that we used with ArcGIS Viewer for Flex in which we created template applications that multiple users could duplicate and modify to create their own applications. How can we accomplish the same thing with WAB when it seems I can only see applications that I created even if the data and webmap are shared with the entire organization? I know I can create a custom theme that defines the look and feel of the app but I want to be able to set a default web map and default widgets etc.... There is also a need for managers to be able to modify, delete and deploy other user's apps. ArcGIS Viewer for Flex allowed for this.


Hope that's clear.


Thanks for any ideas!