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How can I add the attachment values as a part of the popup description?

Question asked by mstranovsky on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by schlot

For instance, i have a published service that includes a featurelayer with attachments.  I would like to show the attachment id in the description of the popup.  See below:


var plyRequests = new PopupTemplate({

    title: "Citizen Request",

    description: "<b>Issue Type:</b> {IssueType}" +

    "<br><b>Reported Date:</b> {ReportedDate}" +

    "<br><b>Status:</b> {Status}" +

    "<br><b>Status Date:</b> {StatusDate}" +

    "<br><b>Attachment ID:</b> {?}"



How can I grab the AttachmentID from the related attachment table?