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Routing error from server

Question asked by agianikas on May 28, 2015
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Hello everyone, I have an error being returned from our Arcgis server for routing services and I am trying to get some clarity on what it means.  The server is set up for routing, we have a custom map set up and we are not using any ESRI basemaps.   


"No route from location "Location 1" to location "Location 2".  No solution found. "


This error is intermittent, it happens with some routes, but does not happen with others.  It appears that the server is simply unable to connect the starting point to the destination with a route.  There are certain areas of the map you can not get into or out of with routes, I believe there is missing/incomplete data on the map/routing service causing this. 


Again I am just looking for a bit of clarity on the error so I know how to proceed with getting this fixed.