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Overlapping labels for map.basemap and basemap gallery basemap

Question asked by ggreen_triangletransit on May 19, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by schlot

Hello --


I've got an ArcGIS Javascript app (not publicly available at the moment) and I'm having trouble with the interplay between the original basemap selected for the map and new maps chosen using the basemap gallery. My original basemap is dark-gray. However, when I choose basemaps using the basemap gallery, it appears that the municipality labels from the dark-gray layer remain and overlap labels from the currently selected basemap.


Hopefully these screenshots illuminate the problem. In the first with the dark-gray basemap there is a label for Durham. In the second with the streets basemap that same Durham label persists, and it's overlapping the "Durham" label from the streets basemap.


Thoughts? Thanks in advance.




- geoff