autoSelect on Search dijit not working

Discussion created by jmitz on May 19, 2015
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I don't appear to be able to get the autoSelect on the Search to work as I expect it should work.


I expect that as I enter an address and as the suggestion list is filled the top suggestion will be selected and used for the search when I press the enter key.


Here is a jsbin with a map that will pull suggested addresses from Illinois.


This is the code that defines the parameters of the Search dijit.


  var search = new Search({
      autoNavigate: true,
      autoSelect: true,
      enableHighlight: true,
      enableInfoWindow: false,
      map: map,
      enableButtonMode: true,
      expanded: false,
      minCharacters: 3


When I type in an address like "1021 N Grand Ave E, Sp" the top suggestion is "1021 N Grand Ave E, Springfield, Illinois, USA" but when I hit Enter I get a response box with 'No results - There were no results found for "1021 N Grand Ave E, Sp".'


Any Insights?


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