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Facing problem with symbolization

Question asked by Shekib on May 18, 2015
Latest reply on May 21, 2015 by sephefox

Hi All,


I am a fresh-man in GIS. I have just faced a problem and I am sharing it to have the best answer for its solution:


I have a map to generate and show the types of training and number of participants on the map province/state wise. I want to show each training type with a symbol i.e. square, circle, rectangle; in addition also show the total number of participants per training and per province/state. (Below, I have attached the table for better understanding)


i.e. there have been 4 types of training in Kabul province. with ASP having 486 participants, Java having 36 Participants, VB having 753 participants and C++ having 101 participants.


I would be highly appreciated, to have your views and guidance.





Badakhshan233 36235
Badghis 53
Balkh125 1849
Bamyan78 23329
Daykundi55 154
Faryab 30
Ghazni 32
Ghor53 119
Helmand45 13112
Herat204 36428
Jowzjan62 203
Kandahar40 160
Kapisa 210
Khost 81
Kunduz89 42244
Laghman32 16514
Logar22 45
Nangarhar159 18736
Nimroz 28
Paktia 38
Paktika29 77
Panjshir 114
Parwan 108
Samangan37 78
Uruzgan 134
Wardak 145