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Web Map Locate by Layer Attribute

Question asked by tsapic on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 13, 2015 by tsapic

I have a problem with using the search box in a Web Map to locate a feature in a layer based on a feature attribute. For example, when I go in the search box in this test web map,  , switch the searchable layer to ...Metis... and type 'thunder' , which is only one of the words in an attribute in the ...metis... layer, the search engine identifies and pulls out the whole attribute, but then it cannot locate the feature that contains it. In this particular case I get a message "Location 'MNO Thunder Bay Métis Council' could not be found". Can anyone tell me why the features in this case cannot be located? The services are in the Web Mercator Auxilliary Sphere map projection.


Much appreciated, thank you,