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Any Positions Avail in Charlotte PHP App Dev (LAMP)

Question asked by bytesizedgurl on May 12, 2015

I'm FINALLY MOVING back to Charlotte, NC!


I saw some positions posted in Charlotte at Esri but uncertain as the last GIS company had one dev, ME! They didn't like me..probably because they saw me as vocal about having the tools to do my job!


In a nutshell:

  • I only have a couple months of experience with GIS but from the moment it was introduced to me is resonates with me
  • worked for GIS company recently whom may/may not be an affiliated - conflict of interest?
  • If they didn't like me then am I probably blackballed from working for any GIS company?


Short resume

  • 10 years of professional software application development experience
  • CS Degree from FSU and 2 years at USF for Computer Eng I found that I was the ONLY developer within the entire company yet they are throwing out releases full of issues therefore obviously they aren't on my level....drag and drop is not software development and or engineering (whatever the titles are for us these days).
  • IBM, Columbia University, Wells Fargo, Booz Allen Hamilton - all companies I've worked for as well as everything in between


Conceptually, I was supposed to fill the holes in of the sinking ship while blindfolded and my hands tied behind my back.




Thanks in advance!