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Find Route error for geocoding toolbar - You must be signe in to ArcGIS Online...

Question asked by jmward on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by cbthomasTC

I have a couple of maps that I use to answer address questions and assign addresses to new developments.  I frequently use the geocoding toolbar to quickly get to the area in question.  Since upgrading to 10.3 or maybe even since 10.2.2 I have been getting the following pop-up after I enter an address in the geocoding toolbar's address entry window and right click to pan to the address:




Heretofore I have just hit cancel and continued on to the address.  It only happens when I first open the map.  I don't want to sign in to ArcGIS Online, I just want to use my local locators.


Has anyone else encountered this? Is there some setting I need to change?


Any help would be appreciated.




Jeff Ward

Summit County, Utah