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Searching in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Question asked by jnettle1 on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2015 by jnettle1

I am using the ArcGIS online version of Web AppBuilder. I have a simple application set up for County facilities. I am looking for a quick an easy way for users to search for facilities. A drop down of some sorts would work the best. I tried to use the filter widget, but I don't like the way its set up. It doesn't seem to make the process easy for the user at all. I may just be making the process harder than it needs to be.


So, is there any quick way to search or set up a drop down? I am just looking for the user to hit a button and their options pop up. They click on the facility they want and it zooms to it or highlights it on the map.



Justin Nettleton, GISP