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Display group layers in legend

Question asked by bsundsbo on May 8, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2015 by ChristinaElaine



I would like to create some sort of layer list, where I can toggle visibility of layers. The display should also include group layers. I tried using the Legend control in the toolkit, but it only displays a flat structure. Looking at the source code, there are some layer options, which includes ReturnGroupLayers, but I'm not able to set this. Is this limitation a related to "not yet implemented", or something that will not be supported?

I figured I could hide display of symbols, and only display the tree structure of the layers, and filter out the layers I don't want using the Refreshed event. I'd like to support both tree structure and/or expanders for the group layers. Setting IsHidden = false if IsGroupLayer is true in Refreshed event doesn't have any effect.


Is this something that will be supported in the near future, or do I have to modify the sources myself to support this?