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Map with web layers shared with different groups

Question asked by njander14 on May 1, 2015
Latest reply on May 28, 2015 by njander14

I want to create a map that is accessible to my entire organization but the map would show different layers to the viewer depending on what groups they are a part of in AGOL.  Right now I have a map that is shared with the entire organization and contains some feature services that are only shared with a selected group within our organization.  The problem is that when I share this map out, people who are not a part of the selected group see an empty basemap with nothing.  I want them to be able to see the public layers but not the private ones.


How could I go about doing this? 


Here is a picture of what I would like to see:


AGOL map with secure layers.jpg

Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated.