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Attribute Assistant - Generate_ID - Rolls over after more than 1000 features and keeps going

Question asked by JAGPortland on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2016 by JAGPortland

Hi there,


I am trying to populate a Facility ID in a feature class that has 7000+ features using Attribute Assistant and Generate_ID as the value method. This works great if I manually select less than 1000 features and run the create rules for selected features.  As soon as I select 1001 features or more and run the create rules for selected features, the rule starts over again and continues generating facility ID's in a sequence.  It will eventually stop.   


Here is the Value Info:  swInlet|4|SWIN-[seq]

On create = True

On Change (attribute) = False

On Change (geometry) = False

Manual Only = False


Before I attempt to rerun I change the Sequence Counter in the GenerateID table back to 0.


The good news - I have already run the rules and created the Facility ID's less than 1000 at a time so my feature class is populated and I can move on.


I just want to know why it is doing this...