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Cannot connect to ArcGIS Server Manager

Question asked by mbly29 on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by mbly29

HI All,


Recently i posted the question about not being able to connect to my ArcGIS Server through Desktop 10.1. The issue I thought I had resolved by configuring Web Adapter and allow administrative access. This worked great for the last few days and now I am back to it - cannot connect to server from desktop or through server manager on the server itself.


I can ping the server from my desktop machine.


I have tried to run the config file through form initial install/config, with no changes. I ma not keen on re-installing server - not sure what step to take next. The issue came up when trying to publish a service and an error was raised that data was to be copied over to the sever, although I had registered the database (SDE) within server.


Any clues as to what may be going on here?