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Displaying legend symbology in infowindow popup?

Question asked by vincent_choffrut on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by vincent_choffrut

hello everyone,

my map has a nice legend dijit and a click on some particuliar objects of the map pops up an infowindow dijit with the selected fields as a content, this is just FINE.


NOW I wonder whether it would be possible that the infowindow dijit displayed the same thing as the legend dijit, meaning the symbology of the particuliar object which is actually clicked?


I hope this question is clear...


I've tried several ways but I can't seem to find where the symbology of the objets is managed in arcgisServer (somewhere in LayerInfo?) and how to select it for diplaying in an infowindow.


I hope this is possible,

thanx in advance!