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Feature Attachments not saving in iOS 8.3 when running on hardware

Question asked by mikedmanak on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2015 by mikedmanak

We are using a UIImagePickerController to capture photos and save as attachments.  Up until 8.3 everything was working fine, however when running in 8.3 on a device (iPad 4) the captured image is not added to the feature's attachments array when executing

[self.feature addAttachment:attachment];


and subsiquently not saved when executing

[self.feature.table safeFeature:self.feature error:&err];


where self.feature is a valid feature, and attachment is an AGSGDBAttachment created from the image.


This method continues to work fine on hardware running 8.2, and works fine in the simulator at 8.3.


Anyone else notice this issue?  Any idea what might be causing this behavior?


Matt Cooper