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What SQLServer user permissions are needed to add features?

Question asked by greigm on Apr 22, 2015
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I'm using ArcGIS server 10.2 with a MS SQL Server back end (SDE).  I have a large number of tables in the database and have a user who I only want to let view/edit a single table (via ArcMap using a database connection).  I don't even want them to be able to list the names of the other tables - as far as they are concerned there is one table in the SQLServer instance.


I've had some success and have the sqlserver login setup where they can only see their table, and can edit the attributes of the existing features, however when they try to add a new feature they get a message saying:

"The Create Feature task could not be completed.  Insufficient permissions [db.schema.tablename]."


Obviously db.schema.tablename is the name of the table being edited.


They have insert, update, delete, alter, view definitions, references permissions on that table, what else do they need?  Are permissions on certain stored procedures or other sde tables required?