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IOS vs Android / Related table copy

Question asked by Keljarrett on Apr 21, 2015
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Quick couple of questions for people.


1) In general have people found the IOS version of the Collector app to be more stable than Android? We seem to get a lot of issues with the Collector app across various android devices (LG G3, Sony Xperia tablet, Panasonic Toughbooks). The limited experience we have with IOS seems to indicate there are not as many issues but before I convince our IT to splash out on a test device, just wanted to get other people's views.


2) Loving the new related tables update and got some fairly indepth maps going much to the delight of our users! However one feature I do seem to be missing is the ability to copy features in these maps. Normally when selecting a feature, under the options where you can edit feature, delete etc I have the option to copy the attributes into another feature. The layers with related feature layers doesn't allow this however, I assume this is deliberate as opposed to something I missed?