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Using only featureLayers (instead of ArcGISDynamicMapService) to make an atlas with ArcGIS API for Javascript

Question asked by Andrew_Wallick on Apr 13, 2015

I'm working on an atlas that will pull around a hundred or more layers from an ArcServer REST service, and need to have a Table of Contents with several folders and sub-folders. I have a script to go through the rest service and get all the layer names, so I'm thinking about just using feature layers to go and get the layers I need. I started out trying to use this example as a base: Reorder layers in map service | ArcGIS API for JavaScript . But it was pulling all the layers from an individual folder and loading them, and I have some folders with 25 or so layers. The site would run way too slow for that to be a viable option.


What are the downsides to using feature layers, and is there some better way to do what I'm looking for? I should say I do want end users to be able to change symbology, and to be able to re-order layers by dragging them (but that could be a list of just the layers turned on).