Render output from custom equations

Discussion created by doncatanzaro on Oct 12, 2010
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Hi All,

I am trying to figure out if I can use ArcGIS JavaScript for my application and as a newcomer I have been unsuccessful as of yet so I am turning to the forum.

I want to deliver to my user a mapping application with some source data and I want to give them the flexibility of running a regression equation on the source data where they have the flexibility to choose cut-points or other options.  Once their choice is made, the output would be displayed on as a map (along with other associated data). 

I know I can complete the regressions using JavaScript (there is lots of code on the web) - the issue is more along the lines of getting that regression output to the map display.

This seems to be slightly different than many samples and much of the code I have seen but I suspect I am searching using the wrong terminology.  So I guess I am asking if someone could point me to some resources that might allow me to figure this out.

I know I can do this in Java and I suspect (but don't know about Flex).  I kinda like the JavaScript API so I figured I would start here.

Thanks in advance !