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Offline geodatabase being cached somewhere?

Question asked by mikedmanak on Apr 10, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2015 by mikedmanak

I'm experiencing some strange behavior trying to implement a feature in our apps to "reset" the offline geodatabase.  Basically if we need to push out schema changes (new domain items, different field names, additional fields, etc...) I want the app to archive the current offline geodatabase, download a new one, and refresh the mapView and associated list views.


The process of doing this is working fine.  The geodatabase is moved to a folder in the documents directory, a new download is initiated, and the replacement is loaded successfully.  However despite triggering a complete ViewDidLoad on the MapView (which re-initializes the MapView and AGSGDBGeodatabase objects) everything still act like they are pointed at the old database. 


Is it possible that the SDK is caching the geodatabase in memory somewhere and it isn't being cleared out? 


If so, is there a way to trigger a reset or clearing of this cache?


I suspect this is what's happening because after the reset process if I force-quit the app and re-open it all the newly downloaded data is in place and displayed correctly.