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call addFeature with geometry for a featureserver

Question asked by billzhang1123 on Apr 10, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2015 by oearley

I have a featureServer defined. In invoked addFeature call with the following information including the geometry which I set to longitude and latitude. This place should be in Hawaii area. However, after I added this layer to a map, this point showed up in Africa. I looked at the point that showed up in Hawaii, its x and y showed a big x and y. Both examples are shown below. So what should I put in the geometry field in my request?


Point showed up in Africa which should have shown in Hawaii




"geometry" : {

        "x" : -155.445052,

        "y" : 19.550263



WorkOrderNo:    9997

WorkOrderDesc:    1750 Kaumana Drive

Priority:    2

LATITUDE:    19.550263

LONGTITUDE:    -155.445052



X: 19.550263

Y: -155.445052


Point that shows in Hawaii showed X Y value like these.

X: -17304064

Y: 2205688