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How to recover from "Something went wrong, the Map Journal did not load correctly."

Question asked by knoop on Apr 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2015 by GLAzou-esristaff

I have a class using Story Maps for a group project, both Map Tours and Map Journals.  A couple of the students have reached a point with adding content to Map Journals where they are now failing to open.  The error displayed when trying to view or edit their Map Journal is, "Something went wrong, the Map Journal did not load correctly."   Is there any way to recover from this error, without having the students start over with a new map?


I've checked the permissions on the maps, and the Map Journal is shared publicly.  If the Map Journal incorporates other Story Maps, or other web maps, I've verified that they are all shared publicly.  I've tried copying the map with the ArcGIS Online Assistant, and that copy fails the same way. 


Is there someplace to look for more information on what is causing the error? Is there something one can edit in the Map Journal's JSON (via ArcGIS Online Assistant) to remove whatever is causing the error?


Here is the URL for one of the problematic Map Journals: