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Collector - Default Subtype Values

Question asked by Jacqueline.Brost_MNDNR on Apr 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by nielsen

I'm working on a Collector application and have specified a number of subtypes in my geodatabase. I do not have any default values specified globally for the database's fields, but do have default values specified within each subtype for many of the fields (see image below).default_value_subtypes.JPG


The problem is that I do not see these default values for any subtype in Collector 10.3 on my iOS device.

I've monkeyed around a little more and found that if I specify a default value for the field (not within the subtype), it appears in Collector (see image below). But I want to be able to specify differing default values based on whichever subtype the user picks...


Any suggestions?