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Web AppBuilder Edit Widget behavior - labels and attributes

Question asked by starry on Apr 7, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by starry

I have a point layer that I want to edit only the attributes. I set my point layer up in ArcMap and published to a hosted feature service. I set labels up in the map. Why didn't the labels come over in the service? 


In ArcGIS Online, I created a web map with my point feature service. I set labels up in the web map. I created a web app using Web AppBuilder and my web map and added the Edit Widget. I launched the application, clicked the edit widget and clicked a point. It grabbed the label. I could make all kinds of changes to the label but I could not edit the point attributes. Why?


Also, I set the attribute fields up how I wanted them in the web map but had to reconfigure the attributes in the Edit Widget in the web app. Why? I removed the labels in my web map and selected a point using the Edit Widget in my web app. The attributes do not respect the configuration I set in the web map (i.e. numeric values have decimal places and/or commas in the web app but not the web map) and I do not see anywhere to configure them in the Edit Widget or web app?