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How to display WMS layer from Geoserver in ArcGIS Javascript API?

Question asked by jcantr1 on Apr 8, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2015 by reecegrr_grace

I'm having trouble getting a WMS layer from my Geoserver to display in my ArcGIS test application. I'm just learning the ArcGIS Javascript API. For my test application, I started with the "WMS- resource info" sample


I basically replaced the WMS layer from the sample with my own:


var layer1 = new WMSLayerInfo({

name: 'testSave.0',

title: 'testSave.0'



var resourceInfo = {

extent: new Extent(-120.77027961360123, 35.79776317148635, -120.74876891832204, 35.812242893139256, {

  wkid: 3857


layerInfos: [layer1]


var wmsLayer = new WMSLayer('http://localhost:8040/geoserver/reproj/wms', {

resourceInfo: resourceInfo,

visibleLayers: ['testSave.0']




When I run my application, I get the following error message when the WMS layer tries to load:


<ServiceExceptionReport xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" version="1.3.0" xsi:schemaLocation=" http://localhost:8040/geoserver/schemas/wms/1.3.0/exceptions_1_3_0.xsd">
<ServiceException code="InvalidCRS">
Error occurred decoding the espg code urn:x-ogc:def:crs:EPSG:102100 No code "EPSG:102100" from authority "European Petroleum Survey Group" found for object of type "IdentifiedObject".


The problem seems to be related to the spatial reference of the ESRI basemap (ESRI:102100) and my Geoserver's inability to process that spatial reference. I've tried changing the spatial reference of my layer (to EPSG:3857, which I believe is the EPSG equivalent to ESRI:102100). I've also tried adding ESRI:102100 as a custom CRS to my Geoserver, but it added it as EPSG:102100 which is not valid. And both attempts resulted in the same error message.


Does anybody know how I could get this layer to display in my application?