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How to debug AppStudio apps in Qt Creator

Question asked by DevonTaig on Apr 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2015 by MVertzonis-esristaff

Pardon the newbie question - I've managed to install App Studio / Qt Creator and am getting up to speed using the "ArcGIS Runtime QML Sample App".  I copy/pasted the code from the "Mouse coordinates" sample into Qt Creator, and I modified a line or two.  I can run my tweaked out code by going to: Tools>External>AppStudio>Player (Alt-P is the short-cut).  That works great!


But now...


What I want to do now is add an onMouseClicked handler to the map...unfortunately, something in my code isn't working. So i'd like to debug. How do you do that? Setting a break point in Qt Creator doesn't seem to do anything.  In Qt Creator, there are options under Debug > Start Debugging, but I'm not sure how to use those tools (is that even the way to go??).  There's  mention in the documentation about using Visual Studio and WinDBG - I have Visual Studio on my machine for ArcMap development, I should already have WinDBG, right?  Is WinDBG the way to go, and if so is there some more info on how to use it in an ESRI AppStudio context?


Perhaps the problem I'm having is that I'm getting "QML Module not Found" squiggles in my .qml file (although the AppStudio player seems to not care).