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iOS Collector Feature Request - Online layer + Offline maps

Question asked by bbirbo2008 on Apr 2, 2015
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Here is another Real World Example not supported by the Arcgis Collector.


Our user need to have 3 editable layers on an iPAD with 3G connection and will be collecting data on the field.

They also need to overlay 4 or 5 different non- editable layers during the collection.

Now they can do that when they use the Online map through the 3G connection.


The problem is when they need to take photos as attachments.  It takes FOREVER to snap a photo and continue the collection when the map is online. The collector app is totally frozen during this process and make the online map option not viable.


So we had to make an offline map , but then realized that we can't have those 4-5 read-only extra layers on the same map.


Our request is:


Modify the iOS Collector app to let users enter one or more online layers and be able to switch those on or off independently of the Map type.


Currently we are stuck, and have no workaround.