Disconnected w/Related Tables: does it work? (iOS Collector)

04-03-2015 01:57 PM
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I have several project teams using iOS Collector on iPads and iPhones.  All feature classes use geodatabase attachments.  One team's feature classes, in addition to the geodatabase attachments, also has related tables on each feature class.

Edits which are made to related records while disconnected will not synchronize.  The device reports a successful synchronization, but the data is not there.

Additionally, the test feature class I made shuts down the Collector app when I try to add a new related record.

Can anyone out there confirm that editing a related record in a related table can be done in a disconnected iOS map?

Services are hosted from our own ArcGIS Server 10.3.  iOS and Collector are up to date.


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We have successfully implemented an Offline Map for the iOS collector with ArcGIS server 10.2.2 + Collector 10.3

The Offline Map contains 3 feature classes (with attachments) with 4 related tables (with attachments) for each feature class.

We can edit the feature classes and related tables with no issues. All syncs are going back to the server.

We have enabled the following options for each Featureclass/Table on the geodatabase (SQL Server)

  • (NOT Version-ed)
  • Enabled Archiving.
  • Created Attachments.
  • Enabled Editor Tracking.

hope this helps.

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This does help, thank you for the response.  The two differences between your configuration and mine are:

     1) I'm using AGS 10.3

     2) All of my data is versioned

I'll try a non-versioned feature class and see if I have the same result.


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