Attachment Naming and Batch Download Question

04-06-2015 08:44 AM
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I'm working on a vehicle inventory collection project utilizing AGOL/Collector, and will be collecting approx. 1200 photos in the process, and have two questions:

1. Can the attachment be automatically named based on data in a field? Say naming the photo based on the inventory number in the InvNumb field?

2. Is there a way to batch download all the images in the database? We have a need to upload the photos into a federal database, and want to streamline the workflow as much as possible.

Thanks in advance!

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Naming the attachment is not supported right now but the workflow you mentioned is something we would like to get into a future update of the app.

If you have the data in a GDB you can use this script:

41763 - Batch export attachments from a feature class

Also this thread could help you out if you are using a hosted service:

Re: Extract Feature Attachments 

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