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Problems with popup window on touch devices

Question asked by Radouch on Mar 28, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by Radouch

There is a problem using popup window on touch devices. If the content is long, you cannot scroll in some browsers on mobile.

See Popup on ESRI site and my modified version here: Popup I have only added some long text to every popup window, so in many cases it needs to be scrolled. There is no problem on PC and I can scroll on my iPad both in Chrome and Safari.

Unfortunatelly in both Chrome and Firefox on Android 4.1.1. it is impossible to scroll (Chrome makes some strange duplicitation of the content and Firefox does nothing at all).

It seems API catches event "touchmove" and handles it via CSS transformations itself, unfortunatelly in unsatisfactory way.


Is there any possibility to switch off CSS transformations for the popup window? Or is it possible to make this function of API more reliable?