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Best website host/builder for embedding webmaps & apps

Question asked by rblash on Mar 27, 2015

I'm building a website and the primary purpose is to point to a web app. I don't have much programming skill, and I'm willing to learn but I'd also like to get my project out there ASAP. Ideally I would like to find some low cost web hosting to launch then build up from there.


The issue with site builders like wix, squarespace, etc. is the dead space that's always at the bottom of the page. When I embed the webmap iframe in a "html container" on those sites the iframe can never go to the bottom of the page. This means I have a scrolling page around the webmap unless I'm using a large monitor. This causes poor usability on mobile devices.


1 option is to link directly to the webapp (which looks great on mobile) but I lose my site's navigation header, it opens multiple windows (which I'd like to avoid) and I'd want to mask the URL (probably not too tough??).


The other option is to find a better web builder, so I'm reaching out here in case anyone has gone down the road. This isn't stritly an ArcGIS online question, but I'm sure there a lot of people who understand the process from start to finish so any help/suggestions would be appreciated!