Attribute only valid on v:image

Discussion created by imuepis on Sep 28, 2010
Hi once again :)
I have an issue more with sharepoint and less with jsapi but I`m guessing it's the right section to post. So my problem is that when a user clicks on a rich edit field on a sharepoint site (MOSS 2007) and the same page contains mapping web part powered bu ESRI Javascript API 2.0 user recieves an anoying message about reforrmated urls
One or more URLs were invalid and have been reformatted
. After a bit of profiling I found out that sharepoint scripts checks for src attribute on v:rect element that results an exception (look at the topic title) which in turn results an alert. From what I have seen v:rect is created for layers that is instances of esri.layers.GraphicLayer or derived from it.

My question:
Is it possible that this issue will be fixed in future releases of ESRI Javascript API or should I comment out the alert line in sharepoint script?