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AGSPopupsContainer, editor dialog not localised regarding decimal separator

Question asked by MargitBomholtOn on Mar 24, 2015

We are using devices that are localised for Denmark (Area is Denmark)

In our iOS app that we are developing, we are using the AGSPopupsContainer, for showing and editing features. The dialogs show numbers in the right format, but when the user wants to edit numbers, which contains decimal separators,  the format is not proper localized. In Denmark we uses "," as decimal separator, but in order to get the right number to the feature, we have to use "." as decimal separator. After the edit is committed the number is show in the dialog as proper danish number using "," as decimal separator.

Does anyone know of a work around on this?

Or is the problem solved in the next release?

Both the Collector and the ArcGIS app has the same problem.