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Issue with ESRI API - RasterFunction "Arithmetic"

Question asked by Piraino_K on Mar 24, 2015

Hi,  as the title says I would like some help with this code block that I am writing. Basically what I am trying to do is create an application that can do simple map algebra using two rasters. This is accomplished using ESRI's API. I will include the code block in an attachment. It is filled with comments about the code and where the issue is occurring. Basically the issue I am running into is that after reclassification of the two rasters is complete, I am trying to multiply them together using the RasterFunction = "Arithmetic". The issue is that they are not multiplying and I get an error that reads: "{"error":{"code":400,"message":"Invalid or missing input parameters.","details":[]}}" when the functionArgument: Raster and Raster2 are included. I do not get this error when only one of the functionArguments Raster or Raster2 are included in the code, but I get an output that does not match what I should be getting. If someone could take a look at my code block and may point me in the right direction or give me guidance that would be great! Also note that I am not an expert programmer by any means so this is a very rough code block and any additional help in tweaking my code block or finding a better method to what I'm doing would also be very appreciated. Thanks!