WMS layer type v1.6: can't get URL for Map2PDF

Discussion created by kleinmann on Sep 20, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2010 by kleinmann
Hi there,

I'm using JavaScript API version1.6.

To my map I add a WMS-Layer by dojo.declare, extending esri.layers.DynamicMapServiceLayer, like provided in the esri example "Creating a WMS layer type". This is in a jsp of a java dynamic web project.

The WMS layer is displayed in my map together with the other layers. fine.

Then I try to make a pdf from the map with all it's layers, using the map2pdf service. And the pdf is being created with all the layers - except for my wms layer! There is a MapPrinter.js in the map2pdf package, which handles the different layers of the map and prints them to the pdf. I'd like to add the wms layer using it's url.

From the MapPrinter.js I try to get the current url of the WMS layer. How can I do this? When I try to access the url by layer.url, I get back "undefined".

Can someone advise?