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Geodatabase Domain - Cannot Select Domain within Feature Class Attribute Field

Question asked by kenric03 on Mar 20, 2015
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I attached pictures to help ask my question.



I have a Geodatabase, and I created a Domain.  I did right click->Properties and chose the "Domains" tab.  The domain I created is a Coded Value, and I chose Text for the Field Type.  I was able to easily type in the information within the Geodatabase, but I cannot do anything within the Feature Class.




I then did right click->Properties and chose the "Fields" tab for the feature within the Geodatabase.  Within this tab, I cannot select anything such as adding in a new Field Name or selecting a domain.  I also cannot update the current field names to choose a current domain.  I completed a tutorial yesterday, and I was able to do that with their data.  I would like to try to create a new Field Name, but I cannot even type there to add it in.



Does anyone know what is going on, and what I can do to fix it?  Thank you!