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Calculate unique values vs classification statistics?

Question asked by on Mar 19, 2015
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i've encountered a weird thing with raster data in Arcmap 10.2. I use the classification statistics dialog box to get information about raster data properties like sum, mean etc (via Table of contents, [right click] properties> symbology...). For instance, i plot the sum of the raster data vs some other parameters and later  i do regression analysis in excell..


when i display a raster and enter the classification statistics dialogbox i get some statistics. I work with floating point rasters do i can't do this via an attribute table. BUT, if i let arcmap calcualte unique values before i enter the classification statistics dialog box, i get different (higher) statistics!?


for the analysis, i've decided to let arcmap calculate unique values before i get the statistics i need, but i guess the trend im looking for would have been there anyways..


How can this be possible, and for which purpose does arcmap work like this?




Mårten, Sweden.