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Updating a Point Shapefile Field via a "Select by Location" Query

Question asked by Tracy-Paul on Mar 17, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2015 by Tracy-Paul

Howdy Y'all,


I'm a research analyst with a bit of a problem:


I have a point shape file with wild animal sightings.  It has the usual location, date, time, species, alive/dead, activity, etc.  I had to add a new text field that indicates the county of the sighting.  I have over 22,000 records covering the entire state of Texas.


I have a polygon shape file of all the counties in the state.


-->>What I want to do is update the county field in the wild animal shape file, with the formal name of the county from the corresponding county polygon shape file.


I'd like to use a SQL query-type update process; along the lines of a "Select by Location" process under the 'Selection' menu bar item.


I'm using ArcGIS Desktop version 10.2, with Spatial Analyst 10.2.  I have a 64-bit Windows workstation, 8-core mother board and 98G of RAM.


Full Disclosure:  I'm embarrassed to add that I actually have a graduate degree in GIS/Remote Sensing; but even while sober I haven't been able to find the right Google search combination to solve my problem.  :-)


Any suggestions or references to any technique would be greatly appreciated.  Be gentle...