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ArcGIS API for Javascript - Select Routes using Geocoded address and 1/4 Mile Buffer

Question asked by thejohnny on Mar 17, 2015
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I'm trying to get my application to accept a users address that hits our own geocoder and then zooms to said address, creates multiple buffer rings so our internal end users can see the distances from this address.  Then I want to be able to select all routes within 1/4 Mile (1320 Feet) of this address point.  ESRI has an example using the Draw tool and unfortunately that won't work for me.  I've done my best to get their Draw tool and my geocode working but of course I need some direction on how to get the geocoded address going.  With my geocoder creating a graphic as well as my buffers I'm not sure how to select routes using only the 1/4 mile buffer ring extent.  Any ideas or directions for me to head will be greatly appreciated.  Again, I need a user to be able to click on the layer and see information about it, but by not adding this layer as a feature layer I'm not sure how to go about that, then I need user to enter address, zoom to location and place a graphic and text of address, then create buffers, then select all Routes within 1/4 Mile Buffer Distance and display those Routes in the box provided along with the count of Routes.


When you first run the fiddle application you can select the area you want and it works great with the Draw Tool, of course not my end goal, but it's something.  I tried to get a circle going as well but can't seem to figure it out.  Any input is greatly appreciated.


A good local address is: 600 S Grand Central Pkwy if you wanted to test the geocoder to see what it does.


I have attached a jsfiddle link to what I have now: