Raster List, ASCII, Python

Discussion created by holm.seifert on Sep 14, 2010
Hallo ,

Here a couple of thoughts about raster and list and ascii files.
I have created some python scripts / models for converting ascii files into rasters.
The complete process encompases 4 main processes.

Python model 1) Here you can seach and replace string within a txt ASCII file.

Python model 2) The next step is to determining the header information.

Python model 3) The core process, including the Import of as many as ASCII Files you have.
The clue is, that you can process floating data. (Temperatur, precipitation, DEM). As input you only have to set the input workspace of the ASCII files, the output location, the desired coordinate system and two cellsizes.

Python model 4) Finally the attribute calculation for the original ASCII attribute values.

! There was only one problem. Everytime you exchange / replace the input type of ASCII files, there was a error message.

In other words.
a) You have 200 ASCII Files. run the 4 Python processes --> everything function.
b) But now, use 50 total different ASCII Files, that have nothing in common with the 200 first ASCII files. A error occurs.

1) Run a Registry Cleaning tool, like CCleaner. Restart ArcCatalog.
2) Simple save the python script under a different name --> it runs.

Is this a typical 9.3.1 problem?
Is this solved in ArcGIs 10?

If anyone is interested in these python models (simple load in Toolbox, fullfill the parameter) or have other solutions please contact me.