Discrepancy with NetworkAnalysis GP Task Results and Google Maps and Bing Maps Route

Discussion created by blaird on Sep 9, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2010 by dkudinov-esristaff

We are using the NetworkAnalysis GP SolveRoute Task...

... and noticing discrepancies with the time and distance returned between certain cities when compared to Google Maps and Bing Maps. For example if you compare the routes for travelling from McCall, Idaho to Boise, Idaho:

You will notice that the route time comes back as:

Total Length: 116.312916818983 Total time: 193.233333333333 Total Drive Time: 193.235630987302

With Google Maps the route comes back a whole hour quicker.,+ID&daddr=Boise,+ID&hl=en&geocode=FZ5JrQIdUHkU-Smhm5cw5lmmVDE2ijHgYBe1Yw%3BFdd5mQIdfMIS-SmdtEfpcvGuVDGbnWc2m5hbmg&mra=ls&sll=44.032321,-115.735474&sspn=2.594588,4.938354&ie=UTF8&ll=44.260937,-116.158447&spn=2.584562,4.938354&z=8

Is there a setting I am missing?